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Philippe HAFFNER, co-Founder and CEO, and Marc HAFFNER, co-Founder and Deputy CEO , stated :

The success of Haffner Energy's IPO, achieved despite the volatility of the financial markets, illustrates the keen interest of both industrial and financial investors for our carbon capture technology combined with green hydrogen production thanks to the use of untapped and abundant sustainable biomass. In addition to its many advantages, such as its ability to promote a circular economy, its highly competitive cost versus fossil fuels, and its independence from intermittent renewable energy and the electricity grid, investors have been impressed by the versatility of the Hynoca® process, which produces super-green hydrogen as well as synthesis gas (Hypergas®). We are ready to execute our industrialization strategy, with a capacity of up to 200 modules per year by 2024, to meet the considerable market demand, from both industrial and mobility players. The proceeds from the IPO, will also enable us to rapidly strengthen our sales force to support our global expansion, particularly in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, while continuing our research and development efforts. We are determined to achieve these objectives to respond to the urgency of fighting global warming. 28 years after its creation, the family-owned company Haffner Energy reaffirms its original mission, which is to work for a cleaner planet for future generations. We would like to sincerely thank all our shareholders, historical and new, institutional and individual, for the confidence they have shown through their subscription. A new chapter begins today, and we look forward to writing it with you.


A disruptive technology to produce competitive green hydrogen with a negative carbon footprint relying on the thermolysis and steam reforming of untapped sustainable biomass


A commercially ready and operational process with high energy performance, allowing customers, mobility and industrials players, to produce green hydrogen in an autonomous and decentralised way


Family controlled business with a management team having a combined experience of more than 55 years in the field of biomass with a long-term vision of the energy transition, based on leading scientific expertise, especially in the conversion of biomass into energy, with nearly 40 industrial projects completed (representing 573 MW installed)


Very competitive hydrogen production costs, between €1 and €3/kg, and on-site production eliminating transportation costs (at 30 bars pressure with 8,200 hours of operation per year)


Ambitious commercial and financial targets reflecting a high-potential growth model, based on the production and sale of Hynoca® modules, addressing a market driven by the megatrend of decarbonization:

  • Sales targets of more than €30m by 31 March 2023 and €250m by 31 March 2026, based on a solid backlog and pipeline of €33m and €183m respectively (Sales of €4.2m and EBITDA of €1.8m at 31/03/2021 and sales of €0.3m at 30/09/21); and
  • EBITDA margin target of over 25% in the long term


ESG commitments supported by an Ethifinance rating of 67/100, above the average for its peers in the industry (34/100), reflecting the company's positioning as a key player in the circular economy

Current backlog:


Current pipeline:

~183 M€


engineers including consultants, PhDs and specialists, with a strong IP portfolio

573 MW

Industrial projects completed


Renewable and affordable hydrogen


Ethifinance rating


years of experience in the energy transition



1 kg

of hydrogen produced is equivalent to a carbon footprint of

-12 kg

CO2 net

1,5-3,0 €/kg

Hydrogen production cost

Ambitious targets

2022-2023 Sales:

+30 M€

2025-2026 Sales:

250 M€

Long-term EBITDA margin target:


  • A technology with a carbon footpring of -12kg of Co2 net per kg of hydrogen produced

    haffner ill hynoca 12

    For every 1 kg of hydrogen produced, the equivalent of 16 kg of CO2
    is permanently sequestered in the soil through the biochar.
    The carbon footprint of the Hynoca® process is -12 kg of CO2 net

    1. Biogenic carbon refers to the emissions related to the short natural carbon cycle, as well as those resulting from the combustion, harvest, digestion, fermentation, decomposition or processing of biomass

  • A super green and competitive hydrogen production technology based on thermolysis and steam reformation of untapped sustainable biomass

    haffner ill hynoca 11

    HYNOCA® enables the process normally carried out by nature
    over several million years to be reproduced in a few minute

  • A very agile solution not relying on carbon-based electricity, but sourced from untapped sustainable biomass
    haffner ill hynoca 09

    Sustainable biomass is a 100% renewable and abundant energy source, mainly from plant sources - examples of biomass that can be used by HYNOCA® :

    • Agricultural waste (e.g. corn cobs, straw, olive pomace)
    • Forestry waste (e.g. milling wood remains)
    • Organic waste (e.g. sorted collected waste)
    • Animal manure (e.g. cow manure)

    haffner ill hynoca 10

    Energy from biomass is widely available at a very low cost all year round – HYNOCA® can operate 24 hours per day

  • An operational, industrializable and scalable process
    haffner ill hynoca 04
    1. Energy efficiency is the ratio of the energy produced in the desired form to the amount of energy consumed to produce it. 2. Validated by the DNV Technical Due Diligence Executive Summary. With current development s and roll-out to full commercial installation, Haffner Energy is transitioning to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8, out of a scale of 1-9, equivalent to 1 year time to market.
    haffner picto 02

    Each module produces between 15-30 kg/h of hydrogen

    haffner picto 01

    Capable of producing Hypergas®, a high energy density gas rich in hydrogen

    haffner picto 05

    Each module Hynoca® is made up of three skids and a purification unit

    haffner picto 06

    Each skid is the size of a 40 foot ISO container for the ease of global shipping

    haffner ill hynoca 06
    haffner picto 03

    1 truck of biomass (30 tons) enables us to obtain one ton of H2, which is the equivalent of filling up a passenger car for 100,000 km (company estimate)

    haffner picto 04

    Perfectly adapted to decentralized production given limited power needs

    haffner picto 07

    Fit for both mobility and industry / gas injection usage, by combining modules

    haffner picto 08

    Autonomous operations with remote monitoring

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